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Say Goodbye to Crooked Teeth with Clear Braces

Who doesn’t want a beautifully straight row of pearly whites? Many adults and teenagers are looking for a solution for crooked teeth but are reluctant to get traditional metal braces. That’s why at Family Dentistry Rick Redmond, DMD, we offer Invisalign clear braces as an image-friendly alternative for patients who are looking for a metal-free orthodontic alternative. If you’ve been living with crooked teeth for too long and want a smile you can be proud to show off, contact our practice today for a consultation!

Why Choose Family Dentistry Rick Redmond, DMD for Invisalign?

How Invisalign Works

Man with Invisalign

For your Invisalign treatment, we’ll create a series of clear, plastic alignment trays that are each customized and designed to make gradual improvements to your smile over time. Each tray will be worn for about two weeks; during this time, they’ll exert slight pressure on your teeth to move them into the desired alignment. Once that’s done, you’ll move on to the next tray.

While there’s no need for the adjustments that metal braces require, you’ll have to come in periodically (usually between six weeks and two months) so that we can make sure treatment is progressing correctly; we may decide that you’ll need to wear a tray for longer than usual.

Indications for Invisalign

Invisalign clear braces

Depending on the complexity of the problem, Invisalign can address a wide variety of orthodontic issues, as listed below.

Crowded Teeth

If your teeth are too close together, you may not be able to brush and floss effectively in every area, making gum disease and tooth decay more likely. Invisalign can create the space needed for teeth to line up properly, allowing for proper cleanings.

Spaces Between Teeth

Not only can spaces between your teeth really stick out in photographs, but they can also make it easier for food particles to become trapped. Fortunately, Invisalign in Sylacauga can help you close these gaps.

Bite Alignment

Whether it’s overbite, underbite or a crossbite, an improperly aligned bite can damage the jaw joint and cause grinding. Invisalign can correct these problems so you can protect your teeth!

Invisalign Benefits

Woman with Invisalign

Cost of Invisalign

Straight smile

The overall cost of treatment will depend on several variables, including the extent of adjustment needed and the number of trays required. We can help you form an accurate estimate during your initial consultation.

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